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Charles Adler

Charles Adler



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Our move, forward

Charles Adler is not one for the status quo. He’s interested in revolutionising the way we work, and the ways business and creativity come to market.

As co-founder and former head of design at global crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, Charles can take credit for ‘verbifying’ the process of funding ideas and opportunities. As founder of Lost Arts, he’s testing and building tools to help creative businesses to more effectively commercialise their work.

For many good reasons (including the fact that Kickstarter pledges now equal $4,414,778,669), Adler is convinced of the power of collective action. He’s optimistic about the future of technology in service to society and is committed to the possibilities of business as a creative act.

Charles will look backwards to move forward, reflecting on the success of collective-based tech platforms (crowdfunding, social networks, p2p media, crypto-currencies and co-working) that have transformed business and projecting forwards to a future of immense creative and economic possibilities built on new collective platforms.

The Speakers

Charles Adler will be joined this year by some of the leading thinkers from around the world that are changing business as we know it.